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Disadvantages Of Inequality In Education - 1937 Words

Separated by only two miles, two school systems that should be equivalent offer different educations to the rich and the poor. Students coming from rich backgrounds go to one school and the poor go to the other. The results from this system of inequality are no surprise. The wealthy district far outperforms the other less advantaged one. In both academics and extracurricular opportunities a clear divide exists between public schools that should offer equal educational opportunity (Goodspeed). While this may seem like only a hypothetical situation, it is not far from the truth. Across the United States public schools receive different funding depending on the wealth in the surrounding area. Property taxes account for 45% of all funding each†¦show more content†¦Like the federal funding, the state funding is generally evenly distributed amongst all educational facilities. The controversy comes from the final source of school revenue, property taxes. Accounting for the same per centage as state funding, property taxes make up an average of 45% of the annual budget (Fernandez). However, unlike the other two sources of income property taxes are not equal between all school systems. To better understand the source of the problem, it is important to take a closer look at how property taxes work and how they are distributed to schools. The amount of property taxes paid depends on the value of the house in question. Property tax is directly proportional to the value of the property, and this results in more income for schools surrounded by wealthier real estate (Pipho). This results in some schools receiving more or less money per pupil to spend each year. When schools are not given the same amount of money to work with as their counterparts, it is significantly harder to provide access to an equivalent education. School districts use the money generated by property taxes for a variety of essential school functions. Possibly the most damaging aspect of this come s in the form of teacher salary. Schools with more revenue from property taxes can afford to pay teachers higher salaries. These higher salaries in turn attract better qualified teachers who can facilitate student learning. This is the mostShow MoreRelatedThe Effect Of Educational Inequality1332 Words   |  6 PagesThe Effects of Educational Inequality Introduction Education is an institution that was originally put in place to allow individuals the equal opportunity to achieve their dreams. It was intended to provide the same level and quality of education regardless of the individual’s gender, race, or socioeconomic class. Over the years, it has changed into a system that provides some with opportunities while placing others at a disadvantage. Those that are given the advantages typically have high socioeconomicRead MoreRacism And Inequality : An Adult Homework Helper For The Sumner Library870 Words   |  4 Pagesthe literature we have read in this course has been centered around injustice and inequality in society. These ethical questions explored in our literature are inherently tied to public life in that they analyze how communities and societies should handle these injustices. Multiplication is for White People by Lisa Delpit and the episode of the podcast â€Å"This American Life: Three Miles† illustrate the systemic ine quality ingrained in the educational system of the United States, while Michael J. Sandel’sRead MoreAmerica s Classist Education System994 Words   |  4 Pages Dreier, P. (2014, July 25). America’s Classist Education System. Retrieved September 24, 2014. In this article the author explains how the schools are based on a class system and higher-class areas have better recourses and more classes offered. Higher-class societies have better equipment, new technology, modern facilities, better books, and better teachers. Not only are the school’s educational facilities better the extracurricular activities are also better. For example sports facilities, trainingRead MoreEconomic, Environmental And Social Aspects Of Wellbeing1358 Words   |  6 Pages1.0 Introduction and background The aim of this report is to discover the inequalities in Africa. This will be done by analysing the 3 main topics economic, environmental and social aspects of wellbeing in Africa. Located on the southern end of the African continent, north of Zimbabwe and Mozambique and surrounded by Atlantic ocean and Indian ocean is a continent that Covers 1 221 040 square kilometres. South Africa only takes over 4%of the lands area but is 3 times the size of Texas and 5 timesRead MoreWhether or Not Quotas for Job Applicant Selection Are a Solution to Racial Inequality in the United States1470 Words   |  6 Pagesjob applicant selection are a solution to racial inequality in the United States of America. In considering this subject I will rely on In Defense of Quotas by James Rachels who argues that the use of Quotas is justifiable in certain circumstances. First I will qualify my use of the word race and clarify what I mean when I reference racial equality. Then I will present an argument that quotas will not work as the sole solution to racial inequality. After this I will support a premise for my mainRead MoreThe Racism Of African Americans959 Words   |  4 PagesThe embedment of racism into American society has created severe disadvantages for African Americans. In addition to the negative effects of individual racism, systemic racism s crushing discrimination has devastated the African Americans in this country. Due to the horrors of systemic racism many African Americans find themselves at economic and social disadvantages. The education opportunities they encounter are far more limited than the ones White Americans do. As a result, African AmericansRead MoreThe Education System Of The United States Fair1591 Words   |  7 PagesIs the education system of the United States fair to everyone ? Although many find it fair, we are living in times when segregation is still part of one of the most important systems that supposed to treat everyone equal, and to provide t he same opportunities for academic success. However, there still a big gap, and children in low-income communities are suffering the consequences. I argue that segregation in the education system is harming the low-income communities and putting children that livesRead MoreDiscuss How Race and Ethnicity Perpetuate Inequality in Australia1192 Words   |  5 Pagesrace or ethnicity is not a factor. Bessant (2002) said racist attitudes are alive and well today. The concepts of ‘race and ‘ethnicity perpetuate inequality for people who are considered different from the dominant group. This essay will show how race and ethnicity are at a disadvantage to equally accessing resources in Australia, such as education, health, employment, housing and other life chances. The term ‘race is usually used to refer to specific groupings of people who share certain characteristicsRead MoreAssess the view that the main function of the education system is to reproduce and legitimise social inequalities930 Words   |  4 PagesThe education system has faults and many inequalities throughout it. The inequalities can be seen in many different areas including, meritocracy, different social classes, gender and ethnic inequalities, racism, cultural capital, and repressive state apparatuses etc. Various sociologists have different views about the education system and what the inequalities consist of. The neo-Marxist Althusser (1971) disagrees that the main function of the education is the transmission of common values. HeRead MoreThe Barriers Of Indigenous Australian Women Face Within The Criminal Justice System970 Words   |  4 Pagespopulation still experience inequality through the education and criminal justice system, specifically Indigenous women. This is highlighted throughout the report through various statistical data including tables and graphs. Further discussion on the link between these statistics to current unit concepts will be addressed in this report to expose the barriers that Indigenous Australian women face within the criminal justice system. The statistical overview on the education system will focus on the

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What Is Professionalism - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 885 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/04/12 Category Career Essay Level High school Tags: Professionalism Essay Did you like this example? Professionalism is the way a person acts or conducts themselves in a place of structure, such as a workplace, school, or place of business. Professionalism is not subjected to a specific set of people but is a standard for everyone in an outfitted environment. Professionalism represented by any individual who shows consideration, and respect in the outfitted environment. Individuals should portray traits of professionalism, such as punctuality, trustworthiness, being competent, accountable, and having the ability to carry out tasks in the most respectful manner for anyone involved. Professionalism to me is how a person in a place of work, structure or place of business conducts themselves. When I think of a professional I think of a person who is the best at whatever job title or description that person carries. That person exemplifies their professionalism with a set of traits that make that person stand out amongst its peers. Examples of those traits are punctuality, trustworthiness, respect, accountability, competency, and self-awareness. I will further those examples below. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "What Is Professionalism" essay for you Create order Professionalism can be shown in multiple ways. A common trait of professionalism is punctuality. Punctuality is important because it shows that a person is dedicated to being in place and ready to be productive and on time. Punctuality is the ability to be able to complete a task or complete a responsibility at a set time. This, in turn, shows that the individual has respect for the job at hand and the time it takes to complete the job. Punctuality also shows that the person has made a task a priority, and has made the necessary sacrifices to be present and ready to carry out performance duties. Another form of professionalism is trustworthiness. Trustworthiness is the ability to be relied upon to carry out and perform a task. Being trustworthy shows the that the person is truth-telling and upfront. A trustworthy person is known to be a person that carries out a task without being told, supervised, or reminded. A person of trustworthiness also carries out and acts on responsibilities in an exceptional and satisfying manner to all persons involved. Respect for others is also a form of professionalism. Showing consideration, demonstrating loyalty, and exceeding expectations demonstrate professionalism. Having a persons respect goes a long way by acquiring high regards from a person and having someone believe that you are worthy of their praise. Respect in professionalism brings a comfort level between all involved and shows that all involved have created a great and functioning environment. Accountability when something is wrong, and the mindset to take it upon oneself to make the situation better is also a form of professionalism. Being accountable is a major trait of professionalism. Ones accountability is welcomed in professionalism for a workplace, school, and in life because it creates a sense of ease and helps promote a safety measure and a sense of security for everyone involved. Accountability comes as a link that increases commitment to who and what is represented in an enclosed environment. Competency is another trait of professionalism. Being competent is a way to show the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities well enough to meet a standard. Showing competency acts as a way for one to show that the task at hand is not overwhelming and can be managed. Competency in professionalism shows a combination of education and experience for a standard or status being reached and carried out as rules and regulations show. Self-Awareness is the ability to recognize your emotions and know personal strengths and weaknesses. In order to become self-aware, one must understand emotions, thoughts, and feelings pertaining to and knowing one selfs limitations. In professionalism, self-awareness teaches and sets a foundation of personal growth, the ability to understand and recognize emotions, and knowing how to control them. In my experience of self-awareness in the workplace, knowing my true limitations, flaws and weaknesses have kept me from making a career plunge. I knew that myself make-up and knowledge of self-saved me from the embarrassment of not reaching a job title or description because I knew I wasnt qualified for the position or didnt have the proper tools to carry out the job description in a respectable way. In conclusion, self-awareness is a measure of emotional intelligence that helps you stop reacting to circumstances emotionally and lets you choose to react rationally and with logic. In conclusion, in order to succeed and move ahead in a place of structure, such as a workplace school, or place of business, professionalism is needed to be portrayed. Professionalism, in turn, means to conduct oneself with punctuality, trustworthiness, respectfulness, accountability and being competent, while being a person of high expectation and responsibility, and also being a person of excellence and great productivity. High quality work standards, behavior, and effectiveness are a part of professionalism and what is expected to come with it. Whether in the work industry, school, or place of structure professionalism will stick out. A professional individual will be visible from others due to the aforementioned qualities and how they carry and present themselves as opposed to their colleagues. A professional strives to be the best and demonstrates separating characteristics to be noticed by the others. Professionalism is maintained by reflecting a strong image, building strong relationships, having recognizable quality traits and overall being a standup and stand out person.

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Social Media Can Help Create A Beloved Community - 1455 Words

Spreading positivity through social media can help create a ‘beloved community.’ People can communicate with others and form connections. Social media can build your self esteem and spread knowledge to everyone. Advice, tips, and vital information can be found on social media. We have to use these privileges in a civilized and kind way.Cyber bullying is common which is why we must spread positivity online. Statistics show that 42% of young people have been bullied online and one in four of them have suffered from it more than once. There are also 35% of kids who have been threatened that something bad will happen to them while online and 53% say that they have said hurtful things to other kids online. To change this, we can communicate†¦show more content†¦It seemed she was doing it for her own entertainment. A couple of months later, Emily went to a friend’s party. She was about to leave when she saw Sara, who she recognized from her profile picture. She obviously recognized Emily too, because she lunged at her. Emily was shocked at what happened next. Sara started wrestling with her, as she tried to keep her off of her and prevent the situation from escalating. For two minutes they were going around the room in circles, holding each other’s hair with death grips while Sara tried to kick and punch her. She was still pulling her hair, bending Emily at an angle toward her. Then, Emily felt a blunt force against her eye, and everything went white. Sara released her, and Emily leaned against the wall to catch her breath. When she regained her vision, she noticed blood on her hand. I lifted up my head and saw a blurry room full of people waiting to see more violence. Clearly, this was like a dramatic reality show to them. One person was even videotaping it. Feeling immense pain, I hurried to the bathroom to look in the mirror. There was a gash on the corner of my eye next to my nose, and the whole right side of my face was alread y starting to swell and bruise. I could hear Sara in the other room boasting about her vicious kick to my face. When she saw me, she pointed and laughed. Disgusted with everyone in that room, I left immediately. The next day, my mom decided it was

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Legal Requirements for Construction Building- myassignmenthelp

Question: Write about theLegal Requirements for Construction Building. Answer: Introduction: This case is based on the construction of building in Canada. In every country, there are certain rules applicable for any kind of construction. In Canada, a building code regulates the provision regarding the making of building. It is known as the National Building Code of Canada (Adams Atkinson, 2003). In Canada, the provincial authorities are also imposed with certain rights to enact their own law. The Consolidated Building Bylaw 2003 governs the construction rule in Abbotsford, Canada (Elias, Busby Martens, 2015). There are certain provisions engraved under the Bylaw that prescribe reasonable ground that are required for making new building in that area. Even in the case of buying landed property in that area, there are certain things need to be performed. Discussion: Construction law: It is important to abide by the guidelines that are mentioned specifically in the Building law of Canada (Jennings, 2013). Besides the National Building Code, some bylaws are applicable on provincial basis. In case of Abbotsford, one of such bylaws is enacted in the year 2003. The reason behind making this rule is to provide certain protection to the building owners and issue permit that are accurate in nature. Legal requirements for building: In this case, there has been a question arises regarding the construction of building in Abbotsford, Canada. The work regarding the building construction has been made by following certain rules and it is required to meet certain basic obligation to legalize the process. The reason for following the rules is generally for the interest of justice. Illegal construction can become a potential threat to the society as a whole (Ngai, 2014). The word legal requirements stand for the things that are mandatory to be checked during the construction process. In Canada, National Building Code has prescribed certain rules regarding the new buildings. These rules can be categorized as follows: The standard ceiling height of the apartment is 65 and that rule should be maintained in all cases. The minimum thickness of the inner door is 1.75 and in case of exterior door, that thickness must be 32*78. A gap should be maintained in case of passing air from the door. There must be a fan or window in the bathroom section. Building permit is essential in case of a new building. The property owner should be held responsible in case of any kind of smokes. Therefore, there is a need to install smoking alarm in the respective building. In Abbotsford, the building areas are divided into three parts that are the zoning area, the fire service and the energy efficiency sector. Zoning are the rules regarding the local area that prescribed rules regarding the construction and maintenance of residential building (Wong Hallsworth, 2016). It is required to meet all the necessary provisions mentioned under the zoning rules. There are certain legal provisions mentioned regarding the fire services that are mandatory in nature. There should be certain resistance rate regarding the fire extinguisher applied in respect of the ceiling, wall and the existing passage. The smoking alarm must be in active mode. According to the bylaws of Abbotsford, there should be an installation regarding the carbon monoxide alarms (Bart et al., 2014). It is the duty of the municipalities of Canada to implement certain policies so that the zoning laws are to be maintained by all the individuals (McCormick, Cohen Plecas, 2016). Building permit: It is necessary in case of constructing a new dwelling unit in Canada. Building Permits are distributed in zone wise (Blec Buckley, 2014). Under the building law, it has been specifically mentioned that the permit regarding the building should be obtained before the projected work become started. Certain information are required in case of obtaining permit. In the present case, building is proposed to be made in the area of Abbotsford, Canada. Therefore, the permit shall be obtained from that provision. Restrictive provisions are made regarding application for the permit by online. An authorisations form is to be filled up at first. A certain amount is to be paid for that. All the information provided by the applicant are required to be reviewed by the coordinators. The building plan should be prepared as per the provision of British-Colombia Building Code. There are certain problems that should be avoided in case of making a new construction. It is the duty of the owner to keep healthy atmosphere. The belongings of the apartment should be cleaned and there should be necessary steps taken for that purpose. Reasonable care is needed for keeping the safe sanitization process. Permits are essential in nature. Permit ensures the renovation process regarding the proposed building and it provides certain guidelines regarding the bylaws and building code. There are certain staffs who are appointed for delivering assistance relating to the building matter. If anyone gets permit from the concerned authority, he obtains the right to receive help from those staffs. Land documentation: Buying a land is important in nature. In order to secure the property from any future encumbrances, it is required to follow certain rules regarding the same. The first thing is to determine the location and the kind of the property (McLeod et al., 2015). A person should be acquainted with the rules regarding the buying or selling procedures of a property. In Abbotsford, there are certain multiple listing services. Various requirements are mentioned in these services. It is a sort of database where the queries regarding a land has been made out in a systematic way. It is to be mentioned that while seeing the property, any statement made by the buyer can be passed to the seller and certain consciousness should be maintained regarding the statement as that could affected the buying procedure. The realtors are imposed with the duty to show the suitable land to the customers and they can propose some suitable offer. The offers can be of verbal or written in nature. There can be certain c ounter offer in that respect. However, choosing those offers is very discretionary in nature and it is the right of the buyer to accept the same or not. Be diligent before becoming a litigant: Purchasing a property is a kind of investment that can secure the future of a person. Therefore, certain awareness should be maintained regarding the purchasing procedure. There is a proverb addressed to the buyer that necessary requirements should be met before buying any estate. It should be taken into consideration whether the landed property is free from any encumbrances or not. It is the utmost duty of the buyer to check all possible outcomes regarding the land. In Canada, property can be sold out in respect of two circumstances i.e. the residents of Canada and the non-residents of Canada. Non-residents in Canada can purchase property in certain provinces like the British Columbia, Newfoundland and Quebec. In this case, the place is situated at Abbotsford that is a province of British Columbia. Things that are important regarding buying a property are income verification, receipts of tax returns, appraisal regarding the real estate. There are certain taxes that are imposed on the properties in Canada (Yinger, Bloom Boersch-Supan, 2016). Taxes are to be paid regularly. Some of the common taxes are property tax, property transfer tax and goods and services tax. Property tax is counted as per the schedule of property. Property transfer tax are imposed as per the market value of the property. The basic rule is that 1% will be cut from the valuation up to $200,000 and for prices exceed the amount, the rate will be 2%. In case of goods and services tax, the rate of taxation is 5% for the land and extra 2% if there is any home constructed upon the land. It is to be seen whether goods and services tax are applicable on the property or not as there are certain specified criteria mentioned under the law. Conclusion: Therefore, from the discussion, it can be concluded that building can be constructed as per the provision of the National Building Code and Consolidating Building Bylaw 2003 of Abbotsford, Canada. There are certain provisions regarding the legal requirements and provision regarding the building permit has mentioned in this report. Legal documentations regarding purchasing the landed properties are mentioned here. Registration procedure for the scheduled property must be adhered with the rules and regulations. Reference: Adams, J., Atkinson, G. (2003). Development of seismic hazard maps for the proposed 2005 edition of the National Building Code of Canada.Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering,30(2), 255-271. Elias, B., Busby, K., Martens, P. (2015). One little, too little: Counting Canada's indigenous people for improved health reporting.Social Science Medicine,138, 179-186. Jennings, M. M. (2013).Real estate law. Cengage Learning. Ngai, M. M. (2014).Impossible subjects: Illegal aliens and the making of modern America. Princeton University Press. Wong, A., Hallsworth, A. G. (2016). Local food security initiatives: a case study of Vancouver, Canada.Future of food: journal on food, agriculture and society,4(1). Bart, M., Williams, D. E., Ainslie, B., McKendry, I., Salmond, J., Grange, S. K., ... Henshaw, G. S. (2014). High density ozone monitoring using gas sensitive semi-conductor sensors in the Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia.Environmental science technology,48(7), 3970-3977. McCormick, A. V., Cohen, I. M., Plecas, D. (2016). 1 Intimate partner violence in Canada.Domestic Violence in International Context,27, 20. Blec, J. P., Buckley, P. H. (2014). Democracy and the space of energy flows: The practice of bordered transnationalism in the Pacific Northwest.Journal of Borderlands Studies,29(3), 291-301. McLeod, F., Viswanathan, L., Whitelaw, G. S., Macbeth, J., King, C., McCarthy, D. D., Alexiuk, E. (2015). Finding common ground: A critical review of land use and resource management policies in Ontario, Canada and their intersection with First Nations.International Indigenous Policy Journal,6(1). Yinger, J., Bloom, H. S., Boersch-Supan, A. (2016).Property taxes and house values: The theory and estimation of intrajurisdictional property tax capitalization. Elsevier.

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Why soccer is not famous in United States Essay Example Essay Example

Why soccer is not famous in United States Essay Example Paper Why soccer is not famous in United States Essay Introduction Many people around the world refer football as the official name for soccer and therefore according to them the two names are simply Synonymous. However in America, football is very different from soccer. Football is used in western countries to mean American football (Colin 46). The major difference between American football and soccer arise from the rules and technicalities of the two (Morrow 23). In soccer, the only person who can touch the ball using hands is the goal keeper; the rest can only use the legs and the rest of the body to handle the ball. The ball is kicked by the players all round the field aiming to score at the opponent goal. On the other hand, in Football the ball is carried by hand or thrown by hand only and only person allowed to kick the goal is the kicker and the punter. The team aims at a touch line or turning the ball to the other team (24).Nevertheless, the two sports have similarities in that they are played very hard and rough. Both sports are in most cas es thought to be brutal and masculine hence attracting very few women to like the game. Football players wear full helmet and pads for protection while their soccer counterparts wear pads and other protective materials. The fans for both sports are similar in their love for the sport, they separate according to the team they are passionately cheering for, while hating the opponent team (Frankline 134).The popularity of American football as compared to soccer is one of the major reason as to why soccer is not is famous in United States. According to McGill, The origin of what is now known as modern American football can be traced from the early versions of rugby football at around 1869 (58). Both rugby and American football stems in the varieties of football that was being played in Europe in the middle of 19th century. Soccer or the real football as many would like to refer to it, have its root in the Boston game way back in 1873 at Harvard from the Boston game at Harvard University in 1873. Although American football has its roots in United Kingdom, it was adopted in United States more than where it came from (114).Sports culture in United States is another reason why soccer is not famous in United States. Rogers notes that, despite the fact that sports are an important part of the American culture; their sporting culture is very different from other countries (56). They have unique set of favorite sports while discriminating the rest (57). Among the most preferred sports in United States are basketball, American football, baseball, rugby and ice hockey. The fact that these sports are rarely available elsewhere in the world seems to make United States like their sport culture even more (82).Roger observes that Soccer in United States attracts very minimal media exposure as compared to other games in United States (13). In addition most investors are attracted to other sports rather than soccer, leaving the soccer industries without enough finances to attract massive competition and the media. Other major leagues of the other most preferred sports attract enormous media coverage and also prominent competition leaving a major financial base and huge domestic market behind them (29).Lack of developed systems for soccer in United States is among the major contributor of reduced popularity of United States soccer. Soccer associations in United States are far much behind as compared to the United Kingdom. System of promotion and relegation of soccer clubs does not exist in United States like in Europe. Moreover major sports leagues exist as system of exist as associations of franchise making it Very hard to development soccer (Frankline 48).According to Morrow, the extent to which various sports are associated with tertiary and secondary education is unique in United States (77). Basketball and American football are the most favorite game in learning institutions. It is no wonder that they are also among the favorites nationally (80). Looking at football in high school and tertiary institutions, it is regarded as the game for the affluent and there fore given stereotypes names. The younger generation develops their dislike for soccer right from these institutions translating the same to the older generation (82).Americans prefers electrifying and adrenaline raising sports activities which soccer may not provide. Life is on the first lane in United States, and therefore increased stress and anxiety disorder is the order of the day (Franklin 50). An exciting and electrifying game is essential for the fans to release stress. Soccer is not regarded as one of the electrifying sports and therefore not one of the American favorites. Most of the soccer games take time before any team scores a goal and this leads to the fans being too eager for the team they are supporting to score. If the team they are not supporting score a goal this may lead to some fighting with people who are supporting the other team. Anyone, who maybe suf fering from attention disorder cannot make it to watch soccer since waiting the teams to make a score demands patience from the funs (Franklin 69). Other sports which dominate in popularity are considered exciting for both players and funs. Competitions from other sports like basketball, baseball and hockey have also led to soccer having fewer fans. There are other entertainment which keeps most of the youth busy in USA hence they do not pay much attention to soccer and its importance to them (Franklin 82).Majority of people who plays soccer outside USA have made it their career and they earn lucrative amounts. In united states, soccer have not grown to that level and even most people who play it, do it not for dollars but not for fun. This has impacted in reduced morale and motivation to advance soccer to greater heights since players are expected to juggle sports with other careers in order to earn a living. When Soccer was introduced in USA, it was viewed as a sport for working c lass. It was until recently that the mentality has changed. It is now viewed as a sport for all people including suburban, middle and upper middle class people (Morrow 90).The quality of soccer in united states is still very low as compared to other sports in united states .although the quality have improved over the years comparing it from earlier days when soccer was introduced, soccer in Europe is far much advanced.The footholds of soccer in United States is however beginning to show up especially in town areas where there are working-class. This can be explained by the high percentage of people who are immigrants from soccer dominated countries (Morrow 92).A bad example set by the regions where soccer is highly valued may have led in one way or another to reduced popularity of soccer in United States. Violence based on racial differences amongst the funs and players is not a thing the peaceful Americans may want to be associated with.Reasons as to why soccer is not popular in we stern world ranges from demographic, economical and social aspect to the culture of the American people (Colin 235). One of the factors of course is the marketability of soccer in United States which according to Colin, is always faced with its own fare share of hurdles (235). Another factor is the issue of gender and the people s perception on the major league soccer and the masculinity of the game. Majority of women in the United States for example have negative attitude in their mind that, it is only men who can participate in major league soccer. They strongly believe that football is for men a notion that Colin consider to be misplaced since football is a good sport for women as well (238).The masculinity mentality has been entrenched even to the women soccer funs leading to shortage in female soccer funs who are regarded as pace setters when it comes to cheering a team. In addition, soccer is still considered as an alien to some people in United States. Mostly of the Kids in U nited States are socialized to view soccer as a sport for foreigners the same way marathon and long distance athletics is viewed. Most people who did not grow up with soccer see it as a boring sport and find it hard to be fans of soccer. Constrain of conservatism as Franklin says, can also be a factor leading to anti-soccer entrance. Majority of people in US have this assumption that soccer will never be popular (95).Nevertheless, soccer in United States is now gaining grounds in most of the states. It is one of the most favorites among the large European and Latino immigrant population like in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Texas (McGill 74). The dramatic growth in participation of youth has have over the year accelerated the national steady growth in their style of playing since 1990. At the moment almost as many girls as boys play soccer in United States and that has contributed to the women national team growth as well (76). Although the major leagues have not attracted ade quate attention as the major leagues outside United States, they have shown an upward progress in popularity (77).Over the years, the soccer federations have continued to grow and expand from a single team membership to many teams and they have also advanced beyond being just a soccer championship. Roger observes that, Soccer have grown not only to be one of the popular televised events in United States but also a major source of advertising source of revenue for the television network (123). He concludes that, although soccer still have a long way to go considering the minimal media coverage, it is beginning to attract recommendable media coverage as the number of advertisers wishing to debut elaborate and expensive commercial continue to increase day by day (125).The soccer governing body is the heart of soccer in any country, it operate league systems and normally categorizes teams in various divisions. They come out with a clear schedule on how each team will play each other in the league at home and away. At the end of the season, the officials of the soccer governing council come together to determine the winner of league and the best payers for the season. The council is mandated to reward the best performer and share the salaries between clubs. The governing bodies also help to stop the rich team from stockpiling the top players (Colin 15). Why soccer is not famous in United States Essay Thank you for reading this Sample!

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Olivia asks Viola Essays

Olivia asks Viola Essays Olivia asks Viola Paper Olivia asks Viola Paper Essay Topic: Twelfth Night Twelfth Night (1601) exposes Shakespeares satirical attitude toward the societal norms of the Elizabethan era. The Carnivalesque title brings about notions of both the inversion of stereotypical roles as well as the excess of the Christmas period. Feste upholds the carnival spirit while Malvolio is diametrically opposed, historically at this point there was a shift from the feudal household which is more like Olivias with the likes of Sir Andrew and Sir Toby to the commercialised private world, much more like count Orsinos. Throughout the play a contrast is maintained between the taut, restless, elegant court where people speak a nervous verse and the free-wheeling household of Olivia, where accept for the intense moments in Olivias amorous interviews with Cesario, people live in easy going prose [1] However the festive spirit is destructed by the excess of Malvolios punishment giving an anti-carnivalesque ending, re-establishing the importance of the social hierarchy. Appearance and reality proves problematic for an ontological reading, a natural perspective that is and is not nothing that is is so [2] Feste questions the notion of reality and appearance as he is the only character to see through the others masks, while Viola is the only character true to herself, and aware of her own disguise even telling Olivia that her appearance is not reality I am not that I play 112, 176, which brings forth a metatheatrical element. The honourable lady of the house, which is she? [3] enquires Viola as Cesario, not wanting to cast away her speech [4] that was excellently well penned[5] on someone of no significance. In doing so she draws attention to the fallacy of her conventional compliments in addition offending Olivia by not recognising her, or pretending not to recognise her, who in turn refuses to confirm that she is the lady, furthermore proceeding to complain about Cesario, being saucy at my gate. [6] What is yours to bestow is not yours to reserve states Viola as the lady did indeed usurp herself, and now revealed, should not be allowed to keep the gift of herself to herself, she should distribute her affections to Orsino and requite his love. Olivias refusal to listen to the praise Viola recites discloses her disinterest and insistence on hurrying up the youth. Come to what is important int. I forgive you the praise. [7] Presently Viola disguised as Cesario and Olivia disguised by her veil both have preconceptions about the others behaviour however Violas persistence in identifying the Lady through disguise, warrants Olivias interest as Viola asks Good madam, let me see your face. [8] Olivia reveals herself literally, breaking an oath she claimed she never would, we will draw the curtain and show you the picture [9] Shakespeare often uses wit to imply a potential relationship, as Olivia sharply replies Tis in grain sir, twill endure wind and weather[10] this leads to the mockery of reducing Olivias beauty to an itemised list item, two lips indifferent red one chin [11] the witty exchange develops Olivias feelings of indifference, to interest and finally to love. Moreover the willow cabin speech, willow being symbolic for forsaken love gives Olivia the wrong impression as Viola speaks of how she would love Olivia if she were the Duke, of course revealing her true feelings for Orisno, also seen in Act two Scene four never told her love, but let concealment, like a worm ithe bud, feed on her damask. [12] Metatheatre reliant on the performative element often offers an onstage microcosm of the theatrical situation, and such techniques as the use of parody. When Olivia asks Viola are you a comedian? [13] an actor? Shakespeare relies on audience complicity for Viola indeed is both an actor in a comedy as well as a character acting another. Also contributing to the deception or imaginary deception of the audience is that in Elizabethan times, women were not allowed to be on the stage so the female characters would be played by men pretending to be women. In a play like Twelfth Night where disguise is integral to the plot, this could become very confusing. For example, Viola would be played by a man pretending to be a woman pretending to be a man. Deception and Delusion are heavily played upon throughout however it is predominantly self deception, as Orsino proclaimsthy mind is a very opal[14] a material which changes when light strikes it, he also admits his own fickle disposition if music be the fruit of love play on Enough in two lines his mood dramatically alters, paralleling his love more in love with love than with his mistress [15] Viola, un-deluded of her true self is incapable of remaining impartial in this scene and becomes insolent in her approach, coming out of character, and through blind jealousy of the Dukes passion for Olivia, remarks to Olivia when asking for approval of her beauty, Excellently done, if God did all[16] implying she may only be beautiful with make-up, furthermore accuses her of being proud, I see what you are, you are too proud[17]. For a servant this is outrageous, after all she is accusing a Lady of pride-one of the seven deadly sins. Olivia however does not reproach Cesario, simply stating, you are now out of your text. [18] She too begins to come out of character and reveal her true self, at first she is very cynical and dismissive of the messengers speech, remarking quite coldly when Viola refers to the Dukes love lying in his bosom, O. I have read it: it is heresy. [19] Further on in the conversation however she reveals a more honest insight into her feelings for the Duke.

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Women Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Women Studies - Essay Example The author would like the reader to walk away from reading this book with an understanding of feminism, that is not just local or national but international as well. She takes "the perspective that cultural diversity must be respected but that it must not be used to excuse the maltreatment of women" (p.5). She wants the reader to understand that although what a woman in one culture might take for granted as a right might be something a woman in another culture is still fighting for but it does not make it any less of an issue under feminism. Burn wants to "give you some overall sense of the varieties of issues affecting women and the variety of their response, and how both these are affected by culture and women's roles as reproducers" (p.5). 1. The study of lesbianism is important to the topic of women across cultures because almost every country in the world has a lesbian sub-culture living somewhere in it, whether they want to admit it or not. The consequences of proclaiming yourself to be lesbian can be emotionally trying especially in societies that have very strict social roles that are to be maintained. Numerous countries deny having any problems with lesbianism because they have laws that outlaw it so it cannot possible exist.